Intelligent LED Lighting with IIoT and BlockIQnet

The Sun Inside!

What we do is based in part on our Caltech and Los Alamos National Laboratory experiences. We create intelligent, enabling, and disruptive IIoT, LED lighting, energy conversion products, sensors, and other devices. 

R&D Efforts renewable energy AI optimization for multiplexing energy sources to Intelligent LED lighting and other devices.

Light fixtures  with WiFi, LTE, AM-FM-FHSS-LiFi, LIDAR, 5-G cellular, and twisted-pair copper shielded hybrid plastic optical fiber, a new POE,  (Power Over the Ethernet).

LED fixture hosting of artificial intelligence in local systems:  New, beyond LSTM with Facebook AI and Wolfram, Inc.    

RFID interrogation. See CES(TM). 

LED fixture hosted millimeter-wave 5G and WiFi-6 small-cells.

 Fixture to fixture deep-learning-swarm beacon communications with IIoT control.

Reflective prisms hosting options of diffusers, modulators, sensors, sound, cameras, Lidar motion detection, active RFID.

Options considered of MIL 217F, MIL Std-1553-C,461/462, MIL Std 810 

HVAC, H2O, air purification and testing via the light system. (Patent Pend)

Deep Learning for drones and SCADA having the LED fixture as a home base. 

I-Drone tossing technology extends the distance-stealth of tiny fold up  low-cost drones shot from tubes. 

 Integrated wireless AI-enabled swarming sensing XCVR  beacons, up to 1.5km BLE.

Data and power to LEDs via copper-clad plastic optical fiber twisted-pair wound on the optional fluid tubing. (US patent pending.) 

Architectural, factory, and building structures analysed by the lighting system to detect failures such as cracking in concrete or other materials.

Little Smart Blocks (LSBDyn) (Patent Pending)

 LiFi, Nano LED lighting, Size options.

IR, UV, visible light substances analysis, science tools in LSBs via chemistry in nano-laboratories inside the LSBs, 

LiFi, BLE, ISM beacon XCVRs with sensors and tiny scales.

LSBs for water-tight, quick loading  and transfer of substances. 

Nano-PLC and smart process controllers. 

LSBDyn.  Priced from  49$-1299$. Buy one or all of the listed LSBDyn hosted technologies. 'What's in your Dyn?'  

Intellijoule offers the only secure Intelligent LED lighting hosting of multiple technologies protected by NIST TCSEC A cybersecurity rules.  


Intellijoule can create 'blast tolerant' LED fixtures: 12 k, 24 k, 48 k, 96 k, and 256 k lumens. Call or email for quotes. 

Power Sources

Four and eight-channel LED driver that is also a general-purpose intelligent power supply. BlockIQnet NREL(TM).gov compliant smart swarms! Agencies approved 600 W or 1200 W, 48 VDC 4 and 8-channel powers supplies  to 2400 9600 W power sources.

DCV(80 to 400) and VAC to 304, AC and DC with MUXed inputs from renewables. Isolated 48V dc outputs. Power supply system yield  0.95 PF, 95% efficiency, round trip -20 to 85C.  Intellijoule, Vox Power(TM) and Vicor mutual adaptations. Programmable voltage and constant current outputs meet all codes. 

Host microcontroller on board with USB ports, Mixed output use of modules permits programmable powering of many devices on isolated channels not used by LEDs. PWM with IIoT linking and use as battery chargers, UPS or process controllers. 

MUXing of Mains, PV, gen-sets, the wind, fuel cells, EVs, and batteries in any combination fixed or mobile, for 75%-100% energy savings over legacy LED lighting.


 UNIAC is a Universal Intelligent Algorithmic Bi-Directional Converter that accepts popular electrical sources AC and DC concurrently over wide frequency range. Specify your power source, AC or DC, to produce programmable electrical outputs such as synthesized waveforms, AC or DC output, nonlinear process controller functions, LED lighting driver, UPS system, battery charger, PV system manager, wind system controller. Undiscovered applications might include electrical vehicles. An extremely efficient low cost LED lighting system was evaluated. Ask for a quote of a 2000-20,000 Watt LED lighting or power system for commercial or industrial applications using Intellijoule-Cree enabled Alumijoule fixtures.     


Intellijoule invents of tiny drones that permit precision swarming using Alumijoule fixtures as 'home-base'.

Our LSBDyn CryptoBeacon is designed to work on WiFi(TM) , BLE(TM), 5G, and LiFi, off or on or connected to the Internet.

Our little White Cloud travels with you and you are LSBDyn secure on our BlockIQnet chain. 

 Thank you, MIT(TM) for confirming our LittleSmartBlocks as "plugs and plays" micro-laboratories.   ""

 Intellijoule invented Block Intelligent QuantumNet, BlockIQnet, a new type of blockchain to replace legacy blockchains. BlockIQnet is an improvement over the Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchains insofar as it is much faster, enables lower energy cost, and improves cybersecurity.

Those who want to gain a deeper, understanding  of the BlockIQnet should have an in-depth knowledge of  abstract algebra, quantum electrodynamics,  LSTM Recurrent neural networks, and Tensorflow from Google. Contact for further details.

Intellijoule invents the first energy and money management blockchain, the BlockIQnet. This is why Intellijoule began going beyond the legacy OS and kernels by introducing NIST TCSEC LEVEL A.

Intellijoule introduces world's first TI.(TM) inspired GaN-based LED augmented smart drivers with onboard spintronics monitoring and coupling from NVE Corporation.(TM)    

intellijoule founder's contribution at Caltech(TM) implementing dark light data transmission from existing high, low, and turned-off high-lumen lighting is confirmed at Dartmouth University.  (See

You can save using our energy MUX OR'ing of mains, PV, wind, fuel cell (H2), Genset, and batteries.

The 'LSBDyn' our virtual and real energy token for the IoT and energy markets. Buy our LSBDyns and use them anywhere, on almost anything.  

Intellijoule invents fluid cooled converters and LEDs, plus air and water purification, temperature control, remote and local gas detection, including humidity control done concurrently. (Patent work pending.). 

Intelligent LED Update! Intellijoule invents the world's first Intelligent LED, the I-LED with loss-less temperature compensation. (Patent pending.) Unique thermal management wafers designed with Intellijoule only technology that operates to 96 k lumens per LED set. (ILED90). Drive several LEDs in parallel from a single driver. The I-LED works with any 'buck' or 'boost' driver.

Invented by the scientists of Intellijoule, Inc.
 Energy Server by was presented as IDHFL by inventor Charles G. Nutter as PhD dissertation, 1994, Caltech, Pasadena, CA. This work in the public domain.