Other Inventions, LittleSmartHouse Fast Erection via Novel embed magnets & Bungee cords

  • Multi-Input/Output LED drivers using TI and Israeli GaN fast devices.

  • LittleSmartBlock (LSB) enclosures with added intelligence, Cellphone, Bluetooth, WiFi, ISM band, LSBs made of interesting metals and plastics that serve many intelligent functions.

  • LED Smart Coffeemaker brews coffee and lights coffee area.   Cassegrain Coffee, now with note-taker! Most efficient smart coffee maker on the planet.  

  • Much, much more.  Send us your ideas, too. 

Patent Pending Europa Cylinder House launching in Florida! 

Caribbean hurricane immune domiciles erect in less than one hour. Foundation included! Why pay 200 K$ for something you do not need!! Instead buy this: a 23 K$ to 88 K$ LittleSmartHouse, land included, of choices 6, 12, 18 and 24 sided (polygonal) cylinder houses. Each side of polygon cylinder is a modulet 18" depth, 8'ft height, 4.25' wide, insulated, each modulet with four shelves of 12 cubic ft each with options for utility service units.  The modulets lock together to form legacy shaped houses, too. The roof is flat. Walls possess novel 3M Co (TM) dichroic effects.  Solar PV, all renewables, water capture, satellite links, your choices. 

All cylinder houses are designed to pass Florida Dade County rules for hurricanes, biological resistance, and flooding proofing. Intellijoule can supply PV panels and 5000 watt UPS (Sine Wave inverters and Li-Ion batteries. End users can buy additional batteries from their favorite distributor, or hopefully, directly from Elon Musk!  Oh, oh! We've gone beyond Elon! Seller financing available with no credit checks! Appliances are extra and very affordable being IoT-enabled for efficacy.  

Email for details and drawings. Silacon@gmail.com or Intellijoule@intellijoule.com And, you can unbolt and move your shelter:  snaps together in minutes using embedded neodymium magnets and novel bungee cords with instant weather sealing (Patent Pending). 

Larger structures can be our very useful GigaHouse construction.  We could go large with GigaCrete Gigahouse. See http://gigacrete.com/gigahouse/ 

The advantages are small, simple and very tough efficacious structures at low prices:  

Low cost; six module house offers 8 ft. indoor diameter and almost 96 cu-ft of shelf storage space...  house for only 13,000$ fully insulated. Erection is one hour.   Any shape is possible using the option of our amazing CanPan  ''green rated' UHDPU adaptable panels.The unit can sleep two people and is virtually indestructible. A movable 'green rated' plastic cellular slab eliminates concrete and need of blue foam (usually recommended) and is part of the price. Resale value of the 8-ft diameter is very good.  

Remember this; Cylinder shaped houses are many times more durable than legacy American wooden houses. The LittleSmartHouse is the ideal survival shelter or kiosk. 

A check for 6000$ starts the 'ball rolling".  We will trust you for the rest!! Check with us regarding VA financing for Veterans! 

 If you are an economist like survivalist then try our uber-affordable Bucky-ball. In addition, our dodecahedron using advanced 'green-rated' polyurethane based facets.  12' diameter interior, R 25 rated insulation.  Floor strong enough to support small truck or large humans easily. No concrete foundation needed. Any color but white is best for best energy savings. Smaller Bucky-ball too

Bucky-ball, life in a ball! Coming soon! 

Call or email for pricing: 651-738-1965 or email intellijoule@intellijoule.com. Arrives on a truck, erects in minutes and bolts together in an hour, depending on size. 

Native American High-tech spawns new TiPi ) Shelters:

Pioneered by Native Americans over thousands of years, these novel structures may well be the ideal house of the future.  Looks like a NASA reentry capsule and wigwam combined but the best for blocking climate change hostility, high-tech, very efficient and affordable. Protect you and yours from the worst of storms and quakes. Watch for more.  Snaps together using magnets and bungee cords. Interest is ramping up.

Bucky-ball life in a ball! 
And,  Intelli-TeePee Coming soon!  

Delivery is 4 weeks to 12 weeks after receipt of funds.  We can erect it for you. All you need is land available via US Government BLM, Berkshire-Hathaway Real-Estate, anywhere in the world but try Las Vegas, Nevada, Minnesota, New Mexico, Florida, Caribbean, Montana and the world.