Intellijoule 'Internet of Things' linked by Light to Energy, Processes & Life

The lumen smart, 36K lumen beast! Mount it anywhere you need light, fixed or mobile. Connects to all renewables, too.

Alumijoule 22 k lumen with blue light suppression lights up a factory.


The sun inside! LED Alumijoule fixtures (Pat. Pend)

Alumijoule LED Specifications (Email to us features you like)
  • Heat Pipe and liquid cooling protection options.
  • Blue light suppression. 
  • PV and renewables Energy sources
  • Adaptive dimming, sensing, and effector functions.
  •  optimization rules for concurrent multiple energy sources.
  • PF >0.95 on standard 120-277 AC single or 3-ph mains inputs.
  • Picocell with Intel-Joule,  linked by wireless or Plastic Optical  Fiber (POF),  cell-phone & RFID options.  
  • Energy rebates
  • Security options Smart 'blink' security and dark data acquisition and transmission when the lights are off or on using same LEDs for general lighting. (Patent Pending)
  • LIDAR with lightwave data and surveillance detection for fixed and mobile surveillance. 
  • Lightwave communications via dark mode blinking of data.  (Patent Pending). 
  • Introducing 'Start-up Nation' Israeli 'grow lights' for pharma and food.  
  • Alumijoule tube prism hosted modulators, sensors, and camera.
  • Excellent vendor partners: Intel, Google, Facebook, TI, Startup Nation Israel.
  • Flexibility, efficacy & reliability (MIL 217F, MIL Std-1553-C,461/462, MIL Std 810)
  • DIY or Intellijoule installation.  
  • Energy merged with HVAC, H2O purification via the light system. (Patent Pend)
  • Artificial intelligence and cloud computing for remote drone and process control via lighting system.  Drone guided in by instructions from the targeted area light fixture (patent pending)
  •  Data Link via copper clad Plastic Optical Fiber as twisted pair to LED on or off optional coolant tubing.  (US patent pending). 
  • Send for application notes. 
  • Intellijoule, Inc. assumes no liability for misuse of its products and reserves the right to changes to improve its products without notice, all rights reserved.
  • Other Technologies we invented: 
    • Sencrete smart sensors: Sense strain in rigid and plastic materials, the temperature in materials, conductivity, permeability, permittivity, chemical rates of reactions concurrently... all in one sensor. (Tested by concrete industry. See Website).
    • CanPan panels: Stronger than Hexcel honeycomb panels at 1/3rd the price.
    • Bungee Seams: Fast structural binding and sealing of panel structures that are facets of any Platonic Solid, large or small.
    • Golf course railgun! For artillery inspired golfers. 
    •  GMR (Spintronics) oscillators, couplers, and sensors.
    • Decision path software based on blockchain tech, Feynman's path integrals, and AI Analytics useful in all fields, esp. design of experiments (DOE).
    • Multi-Input/Output LED drivers using Israeli GaN fast devices. 
    • LittleSmartBlock enclosures made of interesting metals and plastics that serve many intelligent functions.
    • Miniature HAWK (Raytheon HAWK like missiles)    
    • Novel intelligent Yo Yo. 
    • LED Smart Coffeemaker brews coffee and lights kitchen or coffee area.   Cassegrain Coffee! Most efficient smart coffee maker on the planet.  
    • Much, much more.  Send us your ideas, too. 
Be sure to read all instructions carefully and call Intellijoule or email for guidance when needed. 651-738-1965.


About intellijoule, Inc: An invention and solution engine.  Phone 651-738-1965. 

First, in Lightwave IoT communications, Caltech 1993,  now called WiLiFi, wireless sensor & effector enriched intelligent LED lighting hosting IoT applications beyond lighting. 

Intellijoule, Inc., located in Minnesota, creates disruptive enabling technologies with the world's best partners. The concepts herein are based on our published Caltech-JPL experience. 

Intellijoule sells directly via the Internet. Contact Intellijoule, Inc. at phone 651-738-1965 or email


Prices: Intelligent Alumijoule LED fixtures: 16k, 32k, 64 k, 128 k, and 256 k lumens Call for qty quotes. American production for everyone, esp. for defense. 


News:) Intel created our Intel Joule IoT microcontroller SBC for us with WiFi and Bluetooth in a mini PCB.  NSA A1 complaint Cybersecurity is possible with Intel Joule.  

News:) Intel adopts Intellijoule's Intelligent  MUX OR'ing method for Intel DFI to charge EV's.  Thank you for the compliment, Intel, for recognizing the Genius of Intellijoule! 

News:) Intellijoule's idea, 1993 at Caltech, for dark light data transmission from existing high lumen LED lighting was confirmed again today by researchers at Dartmouth University.  Intellijoule is covered by a patent filing in 2012 and proposal to the Air Force  March 31, 2016. 

News:) Save the big bucks using our energy MUX OR'ing. 

News:) Intellijoule introduces first Ethereum Blockchain management of energy, lighting efficiency, and the Dyn, a virtual and physical token. The path to IoT security.  Thank you,, Ethereum, and

News:)  Intellijoule introduces the LED local NSA compliant cloud computing using GEMSOS and Ethereum Blockchain. IoT security need is summed up by Dr. Roger Schell, former NSA deputy Director. "The real question is whether you can help find anyone that cares enough to choose to take action to provide dramatically better security.  The rough elevator pitch for folks like Samsung, Intel and others is: 

·         As the article says, this attack “takes advantage of the vulnerable security of Internet of Things [IoT] devices”.

·         It is scientifically impossible to build a secure IoT device without a verifiably secure operating system (OS).

·         The industry has for decades had the technology to build such a verifiably secure OS, and in fact, at least half a dozen have been built and deployed for decades without ever having a reported security patch.  This technology, called a “security kernel”, is detailed in an open standard called TCSEC Class A1.

·         To produce any IoT device, every vendor bases their product on someone’s OS.  For a secure device, they have to deliberately choose a Class A1 security kernel.  Every major IoT vendor, including Samsung, Intel, and others, has chosen NOT to do so, but instead use vulnerable OSs that need an unending stream of security patches.

·         A commercial off the shelf (COTS) security kernel product is available today that an IoT vendor, like Samsung  and Intel, can choose to use to produce a secure IoT device in a couple of years."  

News:) Ask about Intellijoule 'Sun in Cylinder'  lighting eliminates legacy utility grid altogether. Patent Pend.

News:) Fluid cooled Converters and LEDs via coolant pipes that concurrently hosts data optical fiber, DC and  AC  power to fixtures in one hybrid cable. 

News:) Heat capture by lighting fixtures,  air purification, temperature control, including humidity control moves lighting to a new domain.(patent pending). 
News :) Intelligent LED Update! Intellijoule invents world's first Intelligent LED, the I-LED with loss-less temperature compensation. (patent pending). Details:
  • Unique thermal management wafers design with Cree-LED-Intellijoule only, technology.
  • Operates to 24 k lumens per LED set. (CXA3590)
  • Drive several LEDs in parallel from a single driver!
  • The I-LED works with any 'buck' or 'boost' driver.
News :) Four & Eight channel LED driver that is also a general purpose intelligent power supply. Intelliceltic converters!
 Agencies approved 4 and 8-channel 600 W & 1200 W power unit, input DCV(80 to 400) & VAC to 304. Isolated 48 Vdc outputs with choices of constant current outputs.  0.95 PF, 98% efficiency, round trip -20 to 85C. 
  • Four or eight 'plug and play' galvanically isolated and only medical and industrial rated modules in one chassis.
  • Includes PWM LED dimming and intelligence with popular IoT choices of interfacing.
  • Programmable voltage and constant current outputs meet all codes.
  • Mixed output use of modules permits programmable powering of many devices on channels not used by LEDs.
  • PWM with IoT linking as battery chargers, UPS or process controllers. 
  • Permits muxing renewables: Mains, PV, gen sets, the wind, fuel cells, EV's and batteries in any combination for more than 75%-100% energy savings over legacy LED lighting and local power grids.
News :) 

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