Intelligent LED IoT for Data Movement, Quantum Processes & Cybersecurity

The Internet of Everything Intelligent

The smart lumen beasts lights factory!
Mount them anywhere fixed or mobile.
True 'OR' MUX Connects the beast to all renewables, mains concurrently, and the IoT.


The sun inside! LED Alumijoule fixtures (Pat. Pend)

Intellijoule LED research specifications: 
  • PV and other MUXed renewable energy sources using  optimization rules for concurrent mux-ed multiple energy sources with adaptive light dimming, environmental sensing, linked by WiFi, and plastic optical fiber (POF),  Pico-data cloud, cell-phone & RFID options.  
  • Security options lightwave data acquisition and transmission when the via the lights, off or on. (Patent Pending)
  • Power over Ethernet on our T.P. Optical Fibers, LTE Cellphone, LIDAR, LIFI, WiFi, Bluetooth, millimeter wave radar with lightwave data and surveillance detection for fixed and mobile surveillance. 
  • Fixture to fixture swarm communications.
  • Reflective prism hosting modulators, sensors, and camera.
  • We can apply MIL 217F, MIL Std-1553-C,461/462, MIL Std 810 
  • DIY or Intellijoule installation.  
  • Energy and IoT merged with multi-stimuli-environmental sensors. 
  • HVAC, H2O purification and testing via the light system. (Patent Pend)
  • Artificial intelligence and nano-cloud computing for drones, process control, and PLCs via cellphone and lighting WiFi system. (patent pending)
  •  Data Link and power to LEDs via copper clad Plastic Optical Fiber as a signal, Ethernet, & power over twisted pair wound on optional coolant tubing.  (US patent pending). 
  • LittleSmartBlocks are  RF wireless beacons, 
  • Nano LED lighting, 
  • Substances chemistry, analysis, and transporters, 
  • Science tools, LED beacons, Sensor clusters, 
  • Chemistry nanolaboratory, etc.Nano-PLC and smart process controller  

  • Price 99$. Buy one or all of the listed LSBDyn hosted technologies. Mix and match! 'What's in your Dyn'? Contact 
  • Send for application notes. 

    • 12 K lumen low-cost fixture knows all, senses all, sees all.

    • Call Intellijoule or email for guidance when needed. 651-738-1965.

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About intellijoule, Inc: An invention and solution engine.  Intellijoule, Inc., located in Minnesota, creates disruptive enabling technologies with the world's best partners. The concepts herein are based in part on our published Caltech-JPL and Los Alamos National Laboratory experiences. 

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We produce our products using blockchain(Ring) secure vendors. 

People of Intellijoule were first in Lightwave IoT communications, Caltech 1993,  now called LiFi, wireless sensor & effector enriched intelligent LED lighting that hosts IoT applications beyond lighting. How it works:

Intellijoule offers the only secure Intelligent LED lighting hosting of multiple technologies every bit of it to be protected with NSA Level A1 cybersecurity protection rules.  No other lighting or IoT can be this secure without A1 rule applications!! 

Intellijoule sells directly via the Internet. Contact Intellijoule, Inc. by phone:

 651-738-1965 or email 
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Prices: Luminaires, intelligent Intellijoule 'blast-tolerant' LED fixtures: 12k, 24k, 48k, 96 k, and 256 k lumens Call or email for quotes. 


News:) Intellijoule invented BlockIntelligentQuantumNet, the next big move to replace blockchains in cryptosciences:
 BlockIQnet eliminates the delays and energy demands afflicting, for example, Bitcoin on the  Blockchain. Stay tuned for more on our novel NSA Class A1 rules based BlockIQnet Goodbye Blockchain.

IoT security need is summed up by Dr. Roger Schell, former NSA Deputy Director, MIT Alum, and friend.

 "The real question is whether you can help find anyone that cares enough to choose to take action to provide dramatically better security.  The rough elevator pitch for folks like Samsung, Intel and others is: 

· It is scientifically impossible to build a secure IoT device without a verifiably secure operating system (OS).

·         The industry has for decades had the technology to build such a verifiably secure OS, and in fact, at least half a dozen have been built and deployed for decades without ever having a reported security patch.  This technology, called a “security kernel”, is detailed in an open standard called TCSEC Class A1.

·         To produce any IoT device, every vendor bases their product on someone’s OS.  For a secure device, they have to deliberately choose a Class A1 security kernel.  Every major IoT vendor, including Samsung, Intel, and others, has chosen NOT to do so, but instead use vulnerable OSs that need an unending stream of security patches."

Email: 651-738-1965

News:) Intellijoule introduces world's first,  inspired GaN-based LED augmented smart drivers with onboard spintronics monitoring and coupling from NVE Corporation.    

News:) Intel created our Intellijoule-IoT microcontroller SBC with WiFi and Bluetooth in a mini PCB, the Quark, and Computer Stick.  NSA A1 complaint cybersecurity is required with Intelljoule-IoT.  

News:) Intellijoule's idea, 1993 at Caltech, for dark light data transmission from existing high lumen lighting was confirmed again today by researchers at Dartmouth University.  (See

News:) Save the big Shekels using our energy MUX OR'ing of PV, Wind, Fuel Cell (H2), Genset, Batteries,  

News:) Intellijoule invents first energy management blockchain (Now our 'BlockIQnet') to be possessing NSA level A1 IoT security features and the 'Dyn' our virtual and real energytoken for the IoT and energy markets. Buy virtual currency Dyns from us, use them anywhere to buy almost anything. 

News:) Ask about Intellijoule 'Sun-In-Cylinder'  Relativistic Convolutional modified LSTM RNN & blockIQnet swarms based lighting and energy servers that eliminate legacy utility grid control, altogether. Patent Pend.

News:) Fluid cooled converters and LEDs,  coolant pipes that concurrently host Ethernet optical fiber, DC and  AC  power to remote fixtures on one hybrid tubing. 

News:) Heat capture from lighting fixtures to augment remote room heat, plus air purification, temperature control, including humidity control concurrently moves lighting to a new domain.(patent pending). 
News :) Intelligent LED Update! Intellijoule invents world's first Intelligent LED, the I-LED with loss-less temperature compensation. (patent pending). Details:
  • Unique thermal management wafers design with Cree-Intellijoule only, technology.
  • Operates to 48 k lumens per LED set. (CXA3590)
  • Drive several LEDs in parallel from a single driver!
  • The I-LED works with any 'buck' or 'boost' driver.
News :) Four & Eight channel LED driver that is also a general purpose intelligent power supply. Intelliceltic converters in conjunction with that communicate with their brothers and sisters in blockIQnet compliant smart swarms! Agencies approved 4 and 8-channel 600 W & 1200 W power unit, input DCV(80 to 400) & VAC to 304. Isolated 48 Vdc outputs with choices of constant current or voltage outputs.  0.95 PF, 98% efficiency, round trip -20 to 85C.  
  • Four or eight 'plug and play' galvanically isolated and medical and industrial rated modules in one chassis.
  • Includes PWM LED dimming and intelligence with popular IoT choices of interfacing.
  • Programmable voltage and constant current outputs meet all codes. Host microcontroller on board with USB ports
  • Mixed output use of modules permits programmable powering of many devices on channels not used by LEDs.
  • PWM with IoT linking as battery chargers, UPS or process controllers. 
  • Permits muxing renewables: Mains, PV, gen sets, the wind, fuel cells, EV's and batteries in any combination for more than 75%-100% energy savings over legacy LED lighting and local power grids.
News :) 

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